Natural Dye Workshop with Michel Garcia and Sustainable Dye Practice

A film series and discussion forum dedicated to the science and practice of natural dyes and pigments using sustainable methods.

New Release! DVD2 “Colors of the Americas” w/ Michel

“Colors of the Americas on Wool Fibers Using Sustainable Methods”
Ships NOW! Get one for yourself and a friend!

We just released our new natural dye DVD (#2 in the series). Michel continues to demystify the natural dye process in a way that is engaging, humorous, and down right eye opening.

Among many topics covered, Michel shows unconventional ways to dye with and without mordant, why using locally found bio-accumulators is the way to go, how to use fruit skins in your indigo vat, and smart, sustainable ways to achieve shades of yellow, reds, purples, browns, and even black. Also includes very special and insightful footage of the Botanical Gardens of Oaxaca and the Textile Museum of Oaxaca including interviews with the very knowledgable director.

2-disc set, run time 3.5hrs, English narration with subtitles in Japanese, Chinese, Italiano, Francais, Espanol. $68 retail. Available for purchase here

Complete details here

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