Natural Dye Workshop with Michel Garcia and Sustainable Dye Practice

A film series and discussion forum dedicated to the science and practice of natural dyes and pigments using sustainable methods.

DVD: Colors of Provence

Natural Dye Workshop: Colors of Provence Using Sustainable Methods

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From his vantage point in the hillside garden community of Lauris, France, Michel invites us into his atelier and garden offering a rare glimpse into what makes plants tick. Watch and learn as he instructs how to use natural organic matter to produce flavonoids for yellows, tannins for browns, anthaquinones and neoflavonoids for reds, and indigotin for blues and mordants.

Filming of “Natural Colors of Provence” took place in Lauris, France, over a one-week span during which Michel Garcia led a studio workshop. Outdoor instruction was filmed at a dye plant garden with additional footage in the local surrounds of Provence. Working with Michel were ten talented and accomplished textile artists and dyers from USA, New Zealand, Japan, and Hong Kong. They shared their experiences on exploring natural dyes, offering personal accounts and takeaway points learned during this enriching session.
The film was produced by Yoshiko I. Wada and Slow Fiber Studios, Berkeley, CA, USA and it was directed and filmed by Andrew Galli of Galli Creative with music composition by Andrew Galli.

Details: Two-disc set, 3 hours with English narration & subtitles. Produced by Yoshiko I. Wada and Slow Fiber Studios, a program of the World Shibori Network. Directed and filmed by Andrew Galli of Studio Galli Productions.

Extras. Extensive Chapter Notes, Glossary of Terms, Bibliography, and Translations (subtitles) in several languages including Spanish, Italian, French, Japanese have been compiled for the purchasers of this DVD. These can be found in DVD Extras. Instructions to obtain password to this bonus information is on DISC One.

Disc ONE: A comprehensive Indigo Workshop using European Indigo (Woad) and ingenious resist paste. Indigo pigment extraction demonstration is followed by two quick totally organic reduction methods to kick start indigo vat.

Disc TWO: Polychromatic color swatch projects on cotton are carried out using a variety of dye plants (oak gall nut, artichoke leaves, sawort, red leaved grape vine, woad, weld, cosmos), extract (logwood), and insect (cochineal) combined with different  concentrations of two simple mordants. Dipping in the same dye bath, stamping with blocks, brush painting, and discharging effect are explained.