Natural Dye Workshop with Michel Garcia and Sustainable Dye Practice

A film series and discussion forum dedicated to the science and practice of natural dyes and pigments using sustainable methods.


Technical aspects of our DVDs

All DVDs made by Slow Fiber Studios / Studio Galli Productions…

  • Are set to ‘Universal’ or worldwide playability;
  • Are not regionally encoded (i.e. they will play in all regions);
  • Are made using the North American/Japanese NTSC standard, however most (all) modern DVD players handle both the North American standard and the PAL European standard;
  • Will play on PC or Mac computers, which are PAL/NTSC independent;
  •  Are manufactured from an original glass master the same way older LP records were made; it is the highest and most repeatable quality available.
  • Will provide years of use when handled and stored with care

If your DVD does not play, try this:

  • Try another device! Play it again on another DVD player, a PC or Mac, or other playing device before determining it is faulty.  If it plays, then the DVD is okay.
  • Clean it! Look at the back or unprinted side and see if it is dirty; apply a few drops of clean water and using a clean, lint-free towel, gently wipe it from the center of the disk straight out toward the edge. Never clean by rubbing in a circle around the DVD
  • Try again! Finally, try and load the DVD again to see if it will play.
  • If none of the above works and you have determined your DVD is faulty, email us for a replacement