Natural Dye Workshop with Michel Garcia and Sustainable Dye Practice

A film series and discussion forum dedicated to the science and practice of natural dyes and pigments using sustainable methods.

Natural Dye Study Group Gather in Asheville, NC!

From far and wide, natural dye enthusiasts and studied practitioners gathered this month for a retreat focusing on the science and creative practice of natural dyeing. Organized by Catharine Ellis,
and hosted by Barbara Zaretsky at her studio, and with Bethanne Knudson of the Oriole Mill. The advising chemist from Denmark was Joy Boutrup. Participants included, Sara Goodma, Ana Lisa Hedstrom, Elin Noble Antonsen, Amy Putansu, Jay Rich, and Yoshiko I Wada. You can see some of their experiments here. More to come from Catharine Ellis, so check back on our Bonus Notes / Reference page in the coming weeks.

IMG_5713 (1)

Catharine Ellis remarks upon samples being tested for light-fastness at her studio in NC, “All are working – every day.

We’ve had sunshine since you all left!”


Summarizing experiments at the end of the natural dye retreat in Asheville in April, 2015. A.Putansu, B. Zaretsky, C. Ellis, AL Hedstrom, YI Wada, E.Noble Antonsen, J.Boutrup, J.Rich, and S. Goodman.


Joy introduced the indigo and lye painting on sugar treated fabric. Elin experimented with splash painting.


Elin explaining her Natural Color blanket and discussing how to create efficient and sustainable colors from organic dyes.


A various wool fulling and needle felting sample by Ana Lisa Hedstrom, one natural and the other dyed in madder. The grey wool is the Japanese wool gauze for fulling from


Catharine Ellis and Joy Boutrup examining dyeing with time, one plain water, another with alkali water during the dye retreat in Asheville,  2015.


Yoshiko Wada experimenting with painting on fabric with Maya Blue and  indigo pigments using soy milk.

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