Natural Dye Workshop with Michel Garcia and Sustainable Dye Practice

A film series and discussion forum dedicated to the science and practice of natural dyes and pigments using sustainable methods.

About NDW

About the Botanist – Chemist – Dyer – Naturalist

Michel Garcia is a botanist, chemist, dyer, and naturalist. He is the founder of Couleur Garance (1998) in Lauris, France, and established Le Jardin Conservatoire de PlantesTinctoriales (Botanical Garden of Dye Plants) in 2000 as a horticultural resource for chemists, natural dye researchers, and botanists. He has been instrumental in revitalizing the natural dye scene in France and abroad. Michel’s efforts have been pivotal to cultivating a greater understanding of natural dye history and teaching more sustainable adaptations for current practice.

About the Producer

Yoshiko Iwamoto Wada is an artist, educator, and visionary interested in sustainability issues within the evolving world that surrounds us. Her career has been devoted to textile arts with a scholarly exploration in Japanese textile tradition, surface design techniques in China, Southeast Asia, Africa, South America, and India. As the the President of the World Shibori Network and Founder of Slow Fiber Studios, Yoshiko organises conferences, exhibitions, study tours, and workshops devoted to the art of textiles and dyeing. She supports Michel Garcia as a co-lecturer and educator on natural dye and is both a Producer and Narrator in the film, “Natural Dye Workshop with Michel Garcia: Colors of Provence Using Sustainable Methods”.

About the Director

Andrew-Galli-Producer-Studio-GalliAndrew Galli is a contemporary textile filmmaker based in San Francisco, California, and London, England, presently producing films for Creative Exhibitions in the United Kingdom as well as the Surface Design Association, USA. Andrew has filmed, edited and released more than 20 films related to textile and fabric arts, including with Yoshiko Iwamoto Wada and the World Shibori Network in 2007 for the film, “Arimatsu•Narumi Shibori: Celebrating 400 Years of Japanese Artisan Design.”

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