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Indigo vats explained by Michel

About fermentation in indigo vat..

I propose the following explanation:
There are three kinds of vats —

  1. chemical vats, with synthetic or artificial reducing agents
  2. fermentation vats, with bacteria
  3. organic vats, using some natural antioxidants from plants ( sugars, henna, madder, flavonoïds

Of course, the organic vat will be converted sooner or later to a fermentation vat, but the interesting point with the organic vats is that they are quick and efficient, so we can use them for demonstrations, when travelling, and to improve fermentation vats which are supposed to be difficult to do.
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One comment on “Indigo vats explained by Michel

  1. Kim Dills
    March 4, 2012

    Just took an organic indigo vat class with Catherine Ellis and she spoke highly of your work and passion in the field of orgain indigo vat dyeing.

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