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A film series and discussion forum dedicated to the science and practice of natural dyes and pigments using sustainable methods.

Question about “fermentation” in indigo process

Dear Michel,
I have a few questions:
– could you clarify the use of term "ferment" and "fermentation" in relationship to indigo process. You told me in the past that Japanese SUKUMO (needs 3 months to decompose and contains micro organisms) does go through "fermentation process" when the pigment is processed into dye vat. Another case may be African indigo balls left for several days sprinkled with lime? But is it correct say that the most others are "reduction process" where antioxidant such as fructose and flavonoid break down indican and turn it into indigotin? (This last part of explanation also needs your help in clarification.)
Thank you.
Friendly yours.

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